Environmentally Concerned Works by Edie Marshall

A loose oil painting of plumes of grass in yellow and pink tonesPlumes, oil on canvas

Edie Marshall is a painter from Saskatchewan. Her often environmentally concerned works are painted with a loose, gestural hand and put the focus on colour, tone and mood rather than capturing every detail of a scene.


Painting with both acrylic and oil, and using these on different types of substrate, Edie’s impressionistic images are defined by notable skill in the medium of paint. While landscapes and the outdoors seem to be her focus, they are far from the only thing Edie paints. There are also examples in her portfolio, at www.ediemarshall.com, of human figures, structures, and nature paintings of a closer scale – floral.


An acrylic painting of birch trees in the snowWinter Dance, acrylic on canvas

The relationship of background to foreground in Edie’s works is something I also find interesting – her paintings of trees in winter snow are a particularly nice example of this, where the tree figures loom out of a background that appears to have been painted after them, and threatens to swallow them whole.


Webpage screen capture Edie Marshall's landscapes galleryEdie Marshall's landscape paintings on her webpage

A loose acrylic painting of the colosseumProgress I, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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