Joan Miro's Dedication to Large and Laborious Paintings

Joan Miro working on a huge painting


Take a look at artist Joan Miro up a ladder working on a fabulously huge artwork. Sometimes we forget about what goes into a painting - especially one of this size. I wonder did he substist on moments of artistic triumph and did he go to bed at night aching from craning his neck while wavering up high on that ladder? Miro worked on many large pieces that took ages to make. His spirit of dogged dedication is truly an inspiration to others and made an impact on writer Ernest Hemmingway.

"When I first knew Miró," Ernest Hemingway wrote in 1934, "he had very little money and very little to eat, and he worked all day every day for nine months painting a very large and wonderful picture calledThe Farm..." -Ernest Hemmingway, The Guardian


Image source [1]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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