Artist Mary Blair Brought Disney Concepts to Life

Art by Mary Blair for Disney
Above you can see one of the examples of concept art by Mary Blair for the Disney production of Cinderella. I love to see the rough, loose nature of concept art. I am sucked in by the economy of some of these area within the above image - the way the wall details are drawn on with a certain lack of care. These works beckon possibilities for animation and they are rich and energetic before the final polish of the product that we know so well as Disney. I am simply in love with Mary Blair's approach to putting together concept art. It is dreamy and wobbly and dramatic. Google celebrated her artist contribution by way of the Google "Doodle" which you can check out below:


Google doodle celebrating the art of Mary Blair 

Image source [1]

Image source [2]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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