Marlene Dumas on Why She Paints

painting by Marlene Dumas with quote
Marlene Dumas could be one of my favourite painters of all time.  It's only my humble opinion but when I look at her work I never sense any hesitation - only this amazing combination of intuitive expressive movement and directness of rendering the subject. I find her quote above to be fascinating as I rarely stop to think why I have I chosen to be a painter? What draws me to this medium? "The content of the painting can't be separated from the feel of the surface"  - I am going to meditate on this for a while, it's too much to fully understand in just one sitting. Mind. Blown. So here is Marlene and more of her work. I am not worthy.


Marlene Dumas stands in front of her artwork


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Image source [2]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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