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Image of digital art by Ed Spence


The astoundingly meticulous work of Ed Spence shows a beautiful blend of hand-making and digital creation. The final digital image manipulates perceived dimensions in a way that I adore, flattening in one fell swoop. Take a look at the photos below to see the process the artist uses to create the final product. I never think about digital art being made in this way - starting with hand-made components. I find it an accessable way "into" the process of creating digital art because the digital element is photography which I have some grasp of and also I have a sense of understanding around the process of staging the elements. The results are truly unique and take the work far beyond the sculpture, collage and photography. By compressing all the dimensionality one last time we waver between the recognition of a  3 dimensional object, reinforced by the plinth vs. the flatness reinforced by the print of the image on paper and the collage.

Cutting pieces to create collage
Gluing pieces of paper into the collage
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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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