Pop Art Show Based on Films of Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick inspired art


I've been noticing a trend of themed pop-art shows that are fun and a great way for artists to get exposure to big crowds. The subject matter is easy for gallery-goers to relate to and has instant context. The above image is for a Stanley Kubrick themed art show at San Francisco's Spoke Art Gallery in September 2014. The image is a crop of the art by Tracie Ching based on 2001: A Space Odyssey. Now check out the crowd on opening night: 

crowd of people at art opening lining up to get in

Not a bad turn-out ...am I right?

Stanley Kubrick is already known for being a stylish director with unusual and interesting visual content so it's sort of a no brainer that this show will attract an arty crowd that is informed and enthusiastic. It seems a logical conclusion that some of those Kubrick super-fans would desparately want to own this artwork!

I can imagine that the artists may have rewatched a few of Kubrick's films like Clockwork Orange, The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey before picking up the paint brush. I myself would have had a hard time deciding which film to choose.

Poster design for Clockwork Orange


I challenge you to try your hand at art inspired by film and remember that you have the power to really change the imagery and make it your ow. For example, in the image above, by artist Doug LaRocca, the artist puts a rather innocent spin on the gruesome rake played by Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange. I love this cartoon version of the seriously sinister character seen below:

Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange




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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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