Pop Art Show Based On The Films Of David Lynch

Blue Velvet poster design
I've been noticing a trend of themed pop - art shows that are fun and a great way for artists to get exposure to big crowds. Here's a show that took place March 2014 in San Fransisco's Spoke Art Gallery and features art based on David Lynch films. The work above was created by Shaun Lynch based on the imagery in the film Blue Velvet.

drawing of character from Twin Peaks


David Lynch has a massive fan-base and so this show was a smart way to get film lovers out and into the gallery and engage a wide audience in general. I can't imagine a better purchase or gift for a Twin Peaks mega-fan than this small piece for $1,200.oo by Jason D'Aquino. He uses an unusual substrate in the piece above - an actual Match book measuirng 4" x 1.5" - whoa! Tiny! It depicts the character Laura Palmer who is the center of the story in Twin Peaks, though she is dead by the time the story takes place. I thought it was clever to have the text "The Old Mill" on the matchbook since the wood mill is an important place in the strange world that is Twin Peaks.


 "Spoke Art is proud to announce our first ever David Lynch- inspired art exhibition, In Dreams. The show features a dynamic range of artwork influenced by the prolific and innovative films of director David Lynch. Comprised of over 50 artists from around the globe, each of the exhibited works evoke the emotional complexities and stylistic ventures of Lynch’s work through a variety of mediums, such as painting, sculptures and limited edition fine art prints. Often defying the conventions of filmmaking, the films of David Lynch feature all-too-familiar worlds that, beneath their vibrant exteriors, guard unthinkable secrets. From the desolate and disturbing darkness of Eraserhead (1977) to the unspoken evils of a small town in the cult classic TV series Twin Peaks (1990), In Dreams presents a closer look into the unsettling, yet hypnotizing realm of Lynch’s cinematic repertoire." - spoke-art.com


Poster design for Mulholland DriveMatt Chase designed this stunning screen print as tribute to the film Mulholland Drive in which a woman becomes an amnesiac after surviving a car wreck. I love the use of the car key/road as it recalls many night driving scenes from Lynch's epic films. 


Have you ever been inspired by a film ? You may want to consider showing your work in a themed exhibition such as this - or better yet host a film-inspired exhibition with some of your art pals! 

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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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