Choosing Colours For Your Art: C'mon Do Your Worst

Angela ACourt quote about choosing ugly colours
I love this quote from artist Angela A'Court.  It's truly great advice ! I often use colour swatches to help me choose my colour but after reading this quote I know I have to make some time to mix up some heinous colours. The kind that end up looking gorgeous later : ) 


Next time you are faced with a colour choice conundrum try one of the following out: 


1.  Choose the ugliest colour in your paint box - the one you never choose because you think it's simply awful.




2.  Grab a piece of heavy cardstock and make some paint swatches of the grossest and vilest colours you can make. Choose one of these to move forward.




3. Think of your natural "go-to" colour choice and try to mix a colour that is opposite to that. Try it out!


The worst case scenario is that you have to paint over it - so it's not life and death. Unless you have a deadline for what you are working on and then perhaps you may want to wait to experiment like this!!

Angela A'Court is an artist who uses pastels, printmaking, collage and paint to create her vast array of works. Even her approach to process is experimental in this sense and the work she makes is bold in line, colour, and composition. 


And just a reminder, we don't ever make mistakes according to Bob Ross: 



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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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