Art And Toile de Jouy Wallpaper

Julie Morstad wallpaper illustration


There is just something about "toile". "Toile" is the common abbreviation for Toile de Jouy, a type of complex pattern that is common in decor and frequently wallpaper.  You'll often find that these patterns are monochromatic. The thing about toile, for me, is the contained narrative that can happens within each of the vignettes. Growing up there was a toile pattern in the kitchen before it was renovated and it always got my imagination going as I imagined the people represented as characters in a story. I think that's why I love the combination of illustrations by Julie Morstad in the wallpaper design above.


Traditional toile contained pastoral scenery such as in the image below. But modern designs show artists taking liberties with these outdated lifestyles and bringing them into present day.

Traditional toile pattern


At first glance this next image of toile might looks similar to the traditional one above. But on second glance you may recognize elements of Brooklyn abound. This modern toile was designed for the home of Beastie Boy Mike Diamond and you can see an image of it installed in his "crib" below.

Brooklyn inspired toil pattern
Brooklyn toil wallpaper in the home of Mike D


This next take on toile (pictured below) is by artist Beth Katleman. It truly is an extraordinary work to behold. It is so interesting to see the toile pattern come to life in 3-d sculptural form. It is stunning how the work seems to float like white clouds in a blue sky. 

Details of sculptural installation by Beth Katleman

Full view of Beth Katleman's installed work


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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