Wine Not? Artists Painting With Wine

Christina LoCascio artwork painted with wine


In the art featured above artist Christina LoCascio used the unlikely medium of red wine. Which I thought was a strange choice until I searched around the internet and came to the stunning conclusion that this is a thing. People do this now. So I just had to post about it and spread the word, because who knows you might want to join the movement of painting with wine? It would certainly be fun to try it out.


Be warned that the age of the wine can affect the general redness of the colour. To get the darker tones the artists will sometime let a small portion of wine dry out on their palette to create a darker colour that is activated by a wet brush. Sort of similar to a dry water colour pan except it may stay a little sticky. 


I certainly can't speak to the archival nature of this medium - so I suggest that if you have concerns about the art you create lasting and being fade-resistant then this may not be for you. More wine for drinking I guess! 


Wine painting by Nelva Richardson
Nelva Richardson is another artist who has been using wine to create her work and you can even have a portait in wine commissioned by her! So much fun.


Wine painting by Philippe Dufrenoy
Philippe Dufrenoy created this piece using wine. He prefers young wines that do not lose their colour as fast as older wines. He has created portraits of Vinters using their own wine. So meta!

Looks like fun right? In the video at the bottom of this post you can see a time-lapse documentation of an artist who uses wine to create a cute bearded cat with a glass of vino in his paw.

wine on a paint palette



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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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