Studio Sunday: Lawrence Weiner


A photo of Lawrence Weiner in his home studio


Lawrence Weiner’s studio is located inside of a multipurpose building that the artist himself constructed with the help of his wife. The building, which replaced the artists’ house in New York (which was demolished for the purpose) boasts eco-friendly green roofing, several different work spaces, and a living archive.


The studio is not overly large, but it is bright and, as seen in the photograph above, has a mirrored wall which adds a feeling of larger space. The studio also opens up onto a garden, which probably allows for lovely airflow and the feeling of being almost outside, particularly in the warmer months. Also contained in the studio is the obvious – a table at which Weiner creates most of his work, as well as an “idea wall” – where, fittingly, he pins up ideas or bits of inspiring detritus that might come in handy in future pieces.


Weiner, born in the Bronx in 1942, was one of the first artists to fall under the umbrella term of Conceptual Art, when the idea was first coming into the popular consciousness.  He began showing work in the 1960’s, when the New York art scene was reaching its height. Weiner’s work relies primarily on text, and while the graphic placement and colouration of the words themselves do lend to the message, Weiner’s goal is more to have the words jump-start a thought or conversation among viewers. This artwork is conceptual, almost philosophical, in a way.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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