Constructive and Destructive Artworks by Kenn Raaf

An abstract black and white paintingDeeper

Our featured artist for the day is Kenn Raaf, a multidisciplinary artist located in California. Kenn originally started working in paint and sculpture, and more recently has added metalwork and printmaking to his resume in the process of creating his constructive and destructive artworks.


An abstracted sculpture of a torsoTorso 1

The first thing I notice about Kenn’s body of work as a whole is the intensely dark mood that comes with it. The colours and tones that Kenn uses in all his media are earthy and saturated shades of grey, brown and black – occasionally giving way to deeply saturated reds and blues. His paintings are abstract, surfaces covered in paint with a focus on brushstrokes and colour.


Kenn’s sculptural works are interesting in the way that they are abstract but still manage to strongly suggest the human figure. His torso pieces seem like a possible testament to his process of building up a work, before tearing it down to only its most necessary aesthetic components.


A screen capture of Kenn Raff's

A series of four prints of figures in kinetic posesLe Danseurs

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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