Highlight and Shadow: Paintings by Lully Schwartz

A colourful painting of a wooded clearingHow Long is Forever?, oil on linen

Born in Beverly, Massachusetts, Lully Schwartz is a painter who specializes in landscapes and still-life, while occasionally exploring portraiture and figure painting. Her painting style is loose yet controlled, resulting in paintings that emphasize the highlight and shadow of their subject matter.


Lully’s works are beautiful to look at, and the scenes she paints are quite diverse. I particularly enjoy it when she takes a subject that has really dramatic lighting – scenery at dusk or sunset, for instance – and draws out the deep hues that appear in natural shadows.


Painting images on Lully Schwartz's websiteA gallery of works on www.lullyschwartz.com

A painting of a lone tree on a blue sky backgroundAmerican Farmland 3, oil on canvas

Many of Lully’s paintings have trees as a prominent feature, and I love the way she paints them – often in outlandishly bright colours, with several different brushstrokes in different bright tones creating each multi-dimensional branch.  Lully’s skies are also notable, sometimes taking up more than half of her canvas, echoing the gradient-coloured expanse of the real thing – with the occasional playful brushstroke thrown in for good measure.


An oil painting of a beach with evening light6PM Beach, oil on linen

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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