Quiet Elegance: Ceramic Art by Taryn Porter

An installation view of a ceramic sculpture made of unfired clay vesselsDegradation, ceramic work, installation view

Our featured artist for today is Taryn Porter! A ceramic artist, Taryn is currently completing her studies at Vancouver’s Emily Carr University. Taryn’s ceramic work has a quiet elegance to it, from the pale beauty of the glazes on her functional pieces, to the sculpture work in her online portfolio called Degradation. In the work, it appears that unfired clay is left for the viewer to pour water over – each pour washes away some of the clay, until eventually the pieces lose their structural integrity and collapse, returning to their original state as unused clay. This theme of decay, or of changing states seems to run through Taryn’s other conceptual ceramic works – both in the form of slow erosion by water and more dramatic destruction, smashing ceramic pieces.


A photo of a light blue ceramic bowlDreamy Blue Bowl, ceramic

In her overall practice, Taryn has also delved in photography, providing us with an example of conceptual photography with a model, as well as a brightly coloured floral. Find more of Taryn’s ceramic artwork on her website at www.tarynporter.com.


An installation photo of a ceramic sculptureGrief Maneuvors, silk screen, clay

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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