Architectural Ephemera: Art by Sean Sweeney

An installation view of a sculpture made of ceiling panelsWarped Space, ceiling panels, wood and plexiglass

Sean Sweeney works with a lot of found objects – often building materials that he manipulates into sculptures that are at once removed from their original purpose, and entrenched in their material being.


Ceiling panels, wood, plexiglass and other industrial building materials are taken out of their traditional context and, once placed within the gallery in odd combinations, become strange and haunting ephemera of structures that might have been. These pieces of architectural ephemera seem to be in conversation with their surroundings – for each gallery is also a building, and Sean’s artworks are a reflection on that, stripping it down to its barest components, reminding the audience of the constructed nature of the gallery space.


A small sculpture made of a ceiling panelUntitled, broken ceiling panels, pleiglass and latex paint

I adore the simplicity of Sean’s works – the materials that he uses are ones that I am more accustomed to seeing in scrap heaps in derelict yards. The way he transforms them simply by changing their placement and relationship to one another is quite powerful.


A sculpture made of found architectural materialsDichotomies, wood, ceiling panel, latex paint, and found flourescent light cover

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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