Seascapes and Watercraft: Watercolour Painting by BLOUET

A watercolour painting of a large ship at harbourLiberty Ship, watercolour on paper

Sophie Blouet, also known as BLOUET, is a watercolour painter located in Santa Rosa, CA. Originally from France, Sophie took up watercolour painting as a teenager in Paris, where she was trained by Ciree, a French artist and mentor. Now living with her family in America, Sophie’s paintings often focus on maritime subjects like seascapes and watercraft.


A watercolour portrait of a young womanVW, watercolour on paper

I’m always amazed when I come across an artist who utilizes watercolour with such dexterity. It’s a famously tricky medium, but Sophie uses its dilute, unruly nature to her advantage, creating portraits and landscapes that are ethereal and yet perfectly capture the lighting of a given subject.


Sophie’s portraiture is also notable, and the way that she uses smaller, layered strokes of colour to build up the contours of the subject’s face creates an interesting viewing experience, where one can almost visually deconstruct the painting to see the process.


A watercolour painting of a beach in autumn, with orange and red treesBeach in Cherry Creek, watercolour on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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