Evocative Animal Portraits by Sarah Ronald

A drawing of two dolphins flying through the skyHigh Jumping, coloured pencil, graphite and conte on paper

Sarah Ronald grew up in the BC interior before moving to the west coast to pursue her artistic career. In her current practice she is interested in creating art that is more than an aesthetic object, but rather images that prompt thought and reflection on the subjects.


A drawn illustration of an octopusIllustrious Octopus, coloured pencil and conte on paper

Working in traditional drawing media such as coloured pencil, charcoal and conte, Sarah draws evocative animal portraits that urge the viewer to think both fondly and protectively of these creatures. Sarah has a number of drawings that focus specifically on marine life – whales, octopi and otters feature prominently in her portfolio, all treated with great care and enthusiasm.


I really like Sarah’s series called Whales in Unusual Places, a collection of drawings of whales placed in environments that, while often relevant, are far from the natural habitat of that animal.  The skill with which Sarah produces these is visible in her great detail images, showing how simple pencil marks form the lines and imperfections in skin and fur.


A drawing of a mountain lion napping in a treeFeline at Peace, coloured pencil on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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