My Journey Into Sculpture Via Wavy Rainbow

Installation at Rebecca Chaperon art exhibit 

Lately I have launched myself into creating some sculptural elements in my art practice. It feels rather cheeky like I'm doing something I'm not really allowed to do. It's a silly sort of feeling - like I am betraying painters and painting in general, or myself - I'm a painter not a sculptor. And REAL TALK: I hated sculpture class - so messy and hectic! But this time it felt so right - it couldn't be denied. 


So how does someone who dislikes sculpture find herself the creator of these new sculptures? It was all rather innocent really I swear. I was planning for my recent exhibition and I just didn't want to do another show of paintings on a wall. My mind had been poisoned by all of the amazing installation art I had been researching on line. So I thought about the space of the gallery - how could it be more than four wall with paintings on each? And why should it be more than that? I've had this Brian Eno quote up in my office at home "“Stop thinking about art works as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.” So perhaps Brian Eno is to blame ? : )


Throughout the new paintings that I was making there was a predominant element of this wavy rainbow that seemed to enter or exit the paintings at the edges of the picture plane. I thought how interesting it might be to have a wavy rainbow that seemed to enter and exit the gallery space. Would that help people into the paintings? Would it change or trigger experience? 


Wavy Rainbow by Rebecca Chaperon


I ultimately decided that I would recreate one of my paintings as an installation in the gallery so that I could let people feel a little more immersend in the strange worlds I was developing in my paintings and the wavy rainbow became a part of that installation much to my absolute joy. 


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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