An acrylic painting of a woman weaing black and reclining on a floor

Painterly, Emotional Images by David Yawman

An oil painting of two young men standing in the woods

Classical, Dignified Portraits: Art by Phil Boatwright

A distinguished looking oil painting of an older woman

Modern Subjects with Classical Style: Art by Greg MacNair

A black and white photograph of Lucian Freud's studio, with "Two Brothers from Ulster" sitting on the easel

Studio Sunday: Lucian Freud

A black, white and red acrylic portrait of Elizabeth  Taylor

Graphic Portraiture by Carly Jaye Smith

A painting of a young woman sitting on the floor of a dance studio

Photorealistic Portraits by Judith Elsasser

A realistic portrait of a woman with blonde hair and glasses on wood panel

Loving Portraiture by Graham Hall

A portrait painting of a young woman looking directly at the viewer

Moods and Expressions: Painting by David Yawman


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